Columbia Drainage Vector Control

We are located in St. Helens Oregon on the banks of the Columbia River and Multnomah channel.  Columbia Drainage Vector Control District is dedicated to protecting the public from vector borne disease by providing quality mosquito control using Integrated Pest Management practices.  (See Sidebar for IPM)

Above is a photo of St Helens, the Columbia County seat.  This photo is of the northernmost tip of Sauvies Island where the mouth of the Multnomah Channel meets the Columbia River.  In the spring the river rises to a flood level, inundating much of Sauvies Island and the mainland along the banks of the Columbia River and Multnomah Channel.  As this happens the water stimulates mosquito eggs that have been laid along these banks to hatch.  These mosquitos hatch in the millions per acre and can migrate up to 20 miles.


Above is a photo of Multnomah Channel looking South towards Scappoose from Boise Cascade.  This is during the spring runoff.

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